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Food Pantry/Programs

The food program is a program that provides individuals/families with free food assistance. In partnership with the Children Hunger Program, the City of Hope Project distributes can/boxed goods twice a month to local south Dallas residents. The program has successfully served over 250 households this year with a goal of reaching over 400 before January 2021. Residents are encouraged to visit our temporary location at 2215 Cedar Crest Boulevard Dallas, TX 75203 on the first or third Saturday of each month to receive a care box. Participants will be required to provide their name, address, and contact information for documentation purposes. There are no limits to eligibility so residents can revisit our station; households are restricted to one box per visit.



The Adopt-A-Family program is a service designed to help families experiencing some form of economic hardship develop the skills necessary to transition themselves beyond it and into self-sufficiency. Intended for families who reside in the Cedar Crest community, participants accepted by the program engage in confidence building protocols intended to recreate competencies through exercises like life skills, and money management training. Based on a relationship model, each participant is mentored and instructed in the core aspects of discipleship by trained staff who are committed to walking side-by-side with participants throughout their one-year enrollment eligibility (in some cases program support may extend beyond this threshold but is a decision assessed and exclusive to program leadership).

The primary focus of the program is to increase the quality of life of participants through reconditioning how they view themselves. Understanding that self-identifying is the cornerstone of change, Adopt-A-Family trains participants in the nature of God, emphasizing the power of faith while increasing individual accountability. 

Some of the benefits of the program include:

  • Emergency food assistance

  • Financial support (participants are eligible to receive financial assistance with payment of two utility bills within a calendar year)

  • Case strategy services

  • Holiday meal preparation (Thanksgiving and Christmas are the major holidays though there may be additional occasions throughout candidates enrollment)

  • Free life enrichment training

  • One-on-one coaching and mentorship

  • Programming centered on building healthy children


Back to School Program ​

The annual program provides families with children access to free school supplies to in an effort to help alleviate some of the financial hardship associated with back-to-school preparation. Families are provided with basic items like pencils, markers/color pencils, binders, and college rule paper; delivered in a brand new backpack. Though the program is accessible to both couples and single parents, the priority is on single parent households. Recipients are not required to There no restrictions as far as household size, but all recipients must reside under the same  

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